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With the redesign of inmeres, has come lots of praise.

We have also been nominated for the UniqueCSS site of the month for April 2009. We are up against some other great sites, so we can only hope we come out top. Best of luck to the rest of you!

This recognition testifies to your creativity and ingenuity.

Wish us luck and if you get the chance visit and give us a vote! unfortunately we came 2nd to Kardo Ayoub, well done, a well deserved win!
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how to write good copy

Keep it short and to the point.

The end

Okay so that was a little vague, but it serves a good point. People don’t read on the internet, they scan. We are so used to searching on google, clicking links and finding we end up in the wrong place, that we tend to scan the page first to make sure we’re in the right place. In addition, we also do this in newspapers. Scanning the headlines, maybe the first paragraph and quickly deciding if we want to read further.

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Fotobook review

I recently photographed a wedding. As part of the package I supplied a Photo Book. You know the ones… the photo albums that are printed directly on the pages and then bound, to produce an actual book. A great memento of the day and much more liable to survive the years.

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