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Increased turn-over with new e-commerce solution

This airline is a very successful airline, creating the concept of low-costs flights across Europe and is still the leader of low-costs flights in Europe and carries 52 million passengers every year.

What was the situation?

The business model is based around their main website, where users can book their flights online. Through the years the products added to the site ranged from hotels deals to car rentals, airport parking and money exchange.

Amongst all those opportunities the airline identified travel insurance as a huge source of additional income.

The main points to address were:

  • Loss of earning through lack of travel insurance upsell: Existing customers couldn’t upgrade from a single trip cover to an annual cover.
  • Missed opportunity to sell to other customers: The travel insurance product is essentially the same for travellers and non-travellers. The airline was therefore missing a big chunk of the travel insurance market by restricting their sales to existing customers.

What we did:

The strategy put in place was for the airline to work in tandem with their insurance provider who provided the original travel insurance product for the flight booking process.

When it was time to choose a web solution provider, the airline turned to Inmeres Solutions Limited as they wanted to use our flexible insurance system.

The airline really appreciated working with a web solution provider who understood their business and their business needs.

The outcome

Thanks to the flexibility of our insurance web solution we were able to deliver a website which followed the airlines design guidelines to the letter.

Screen shot of airline website

The result? A dedicated site exclusively aimed at travel insurance customers.

The benefits are:

  • Customers can now purchase travel insurance online, whether or not they are previous customers. The airline is thrilled to now have access to a new audience.
  • Completely automated system: The airline didn’t need to invest in additional staff to generate this new income stream. Credit card payments are taken online automatically and documents are emailed directly to the customers.

The airline is delighted by the results generated by our system. Official figures cannot be published but sales run into the hundreds of policies per day, creating a significant additional income stream for them.

Download a PDF version of this airline travel insurance case study