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John Lewis

Launching the Greenbee brand online

What was the situation?

In 2005-2006, John Lewis was planning the launch of a new brand offering online personal services. The range of services available to customers covers tickets for shows, holiday breaks and insurance products.

John Lewis was looking for reliable partners to collaborate with. They wanted to offer all the products online through a new website, http://www.greenbee.com.

ps: since the Greenbee launch the insurance side of greenbee has been rebranded John Lewis Insurance.

With such a strong brand as John Lewis, the challenge was two-fold:

  • Respecting the strong brand guidelines and developing a great user experience
  • John Lewis customers expect high quality products and great service. The online solution had to live up to those expectations.

What we did

John Lewis trusted Inmeres Solutions to develop the online solution for two Greenbee products: Wedding Insurance and Event Insurance.

We modified our existing travel insurance online platform to accommodate the differences between travel, wedding and event insurance.

We also developed communication protocols between our sites and the main Greenbee website so that users could see their purchases reflected instantly in their Greenbee online account.

Finally our design team was able to use the layout flexibility of our insurance platform to integrate the Greebee branding guidelines.

What was the result?

Two great websites delivering Greenbee products with the quality and ease of use users have come to expect from John Lewis.

Because we chose to modify our existing insurance platform we were able to deliver the solution in a record time: Reusing as much as possible from an existing stable platform cut months from the development. In fact, we were the first provider with a solution ready to be tested.

Our insurance platform was also flexible enough to integrate the very strict branding guidelines given by John Lewis. The user feels at home on our sites as there are no design differences between our site and the main Greenbee site (http://www.greenbee.com).

Download a PDF version of the John Lewis insurance project case study