Symfony PHP framework

At Inmeres, we acquired an expertise on the implementation of the Symfony framework to develop powerful, reliable and extensible applications more quickly.
PHP always had its libraries of functions available to the developer, so we didn’t have to reinvent the wheel for each new project. This started with the PEAR project enabling the developer to plug modules to its project. But since Ruby on Rails demonstrated the benefits of the MVC model (to split the main applicative functions: Model, View, Controller), and since PHP 5, many frameworks were created by the open source community. The common characteristics of these frameworks were the MVC model, the scaffolding (batch creation of the model and basic pages to update the objects), the implementation of AJAX, and tools to debug, test and deploy applications.
At Inmeres, we are always keen to try new frameworks or any tool which can bring any benefit to our projects. The reasons we often choose Symfony for our projects are the following:

  • Full PHP 5 and object oriented with a clean and reliable code ,
  • Native management of internationalization,
  • Performance with a smart cache system,
  • Documentation, thanks to the great symphony community.

You can learn more about symfony on the symphony project site.