multi-column javascript issue

I was trying out C├ędric Savarese’s script for multi-column layouts (using the poorly supported CSS3 rules), when i ran into a problem…

It seemed to leave a big gap under the columns. Now i don’t know much about javascript, but i decided to have a look around the file anyway. After a lot of trial and error, i found that removing this line = newHeight+’px’;

from two places (there are only two), seems to have fixed it! I’m not sure if i’ve broken anything else as a result, however all seems okay for now.

If anything breaks, i’ll remove this post!

PayPal Instant Payment Notifications (IPN)

Harnessing the simplicity and power of PayPal’s Instant Payment Notification system (or PayPal IPN for short) is a perfect solution to selling online downloads and subscription based content.

With their IPN system it is possible for PayPal to communicate information such as successful payments as well as the customer’s information during the payment process. At Inmeres we have solutions for bespoke systems or existing open-source systems such as OS Commerce, Zen Cart, or even WordPress.

Your knowledge is worth paying for, and through the combination of PayPal IPN, WordPress and a subscription based system you can sell this information. Either in the form of protected web pages or downloadable documents such as Adobe Acrobat PDFs.