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With the redesign of inmeres, has come lots of praise.

We have also been nominated for the UniqueCSS site of the month for April 2009. We are up against some other great sites, so we can only hope we come out top. Best of luck to the rest of you!

This recognition testifies to your creativity and ingenuity.

Wish us luck and if you get the chance visit and give us a vote! unfortunately we came 2nd to Kardo Ayoub, well done, a well deserved win!
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multi-column javascript issue

I was trying out C├ędric Savarese’s script for multi-column layouts (using the poorly supported CSS3 rules), when i ran into a problem…

It seemed to leave a big gap under the columns. Now i don’t know much about javascript, but i decided to have a look around the file anyway. After a lot of trial and error, i found that removing this line = newHeight+’px’;

from two places (there are only two), seems to have fixed it! I’m not sure if i’ve broken anything else as a result, however all seems okay for now.

If anything breaks, i’ll remove this post!