About Matthew

I joined Inmeres in 2005 as a junior developer. Previously I'd studied a wide variety of subjects as part of my Contemporary Arts BA Honours degree (at Manchester Metropolitan University). This included Drama, Creative Writing and New Media Studies (that'll be the web-oriented one then). My interest in programming piqued, I took a course in programming to get a better handle on the basics (it was actually a VB.net course).

I'm currently heading up the E-Commerce and Search Engine Marketing departments of Inmeres, where we continue to help companies grow their business on the web.

When I'm not at work I read less than I'd like, continue not to learn the guitar (despite having owned one for six years), and manage to play video games regularly. I'm something of an enthusiast and am most relaxed when playing.

Some other 'interesting' things about me Steven and myself are currently growing a bonsai tree in the office (that we have named Akira Kurosawa). It's doing much better than Rob and Dite's tree. Here's a pic: Favourite Podcast: Astronomycast Favourite Food: Chinese Favourite Magazine: Edge (I got a letter printed in issue 189 'cause I'm a geek) Favourite Band: Radiohead. I will see them in concert for the first time in June 2008! Favourite Album: OK Computer

osCommerce and the VAT cut

As you have no doubt heard, due to the current economic climate, Chancellor Alistair Darling has announced a cut in VAT fromĀ 17.5% to 15%, during the annual pre-budget report. This will be effective from the 1st of December this year and is expected to last for 13 months. So for shop owners it means a lot of work to relabel their products and reconfigure their tills.
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