the race is on!

Forget Hamilton, Schumacher and Senna. The next champion of the track will be an inmeres team member!

November 24th is the date of our christmas party, and we’re all going karting! 75 laps in total and just one of us will be victorious.

With Matt being an ex-MarioCart Champion and Guillaume kicking his MarioCart-ass on an arcade machine, the battle is most definately on!

However with Steves cool, calm attitude under pressure and Juliens hard-core mountain bike experience, we could see the trophy being raised above any head. Tom has his golf wins against Guillaume to keep as apparently they get wiped off the board if he loses.

As for me? I’ve been secretly watching Police, Camera, Action and I definately think I have the P.I.T. maneuver down!

May the race begin!

p.s. The term “champion” is used for creative writing purposes only.

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