Joomla Customisation In The Team Results Site

Inmeres Solutions merge the power of the open-source content management software, Joomla, with their extensive programming backgrounds to display content in a new way.
Joomla utilises a hierarchical approach, with articles appearing under categories and then sections. Each part of the site is represented as a section, with categories under these sections. Any articles under those sections appear as they would in a blog with their associated categories as text within the article’s heading.

As a part of the Team Results brief, the design was ambitious; the display of articles should roll out of their category headings, and appear to interlock as a jigsaw puzzle. Inmeres Solutions succeeded in creating this with a customised content components to show the category heading as a clickable bar with articles capable of rolling out of the heading, with the added effect of simultaneously rolling any other category’s articles back into their respective headings.

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I gained a degree in Physics from the University of Nottingham in 1994. Since then I've been a network analyst, programmed Windows based applications in DELPHI for financial institutions, developed and designed web applications in PHP and MySQL, and I'm also a strong advocate of open-source technology including the Linux based operating system Ubuntu, and web applications such as Joomla and Wordpress.

My tasks at Inmeres Solutions Ltd include the development of new web applications, development of components and plug-ins for existing open-source software, and maintenance of the internal networks.

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