The Inmeres Christmas Night Out!

On a cold November evening, Team Inmeres donned their race suits and helmets for the Company’s Christmas night out at the local Karting track near Rayleigh. There had been a buzz of excitement around the office for days, possibly even weeks before hand, discussing who they think would be crowned the Inmeres 2008 Champion of the tarmac.

Would Matt & Guillaume’s MarioKart experience put them on a sound footing to challenge for the top spots, or would Julien “No Fear” Mourgues’ mountaining biking experience prove invaluable on the 400m track? Some people in the office thought that Thomas would be the favourite, especially after they found out that he had not only raced twice before, but twice on this very track. Thomas wasn’t so sure, and had his eye on the two quieter members of the team, Rob and Steven. Rob had his awareness and skill of riding his motorcycle to help his challenge for pole, and in the right set of circumstances Steven would be up there with the best of them, it was all about the “tortoise and the hare” approach, or so he said…

It was decided that it didn’t matter who won, as long as it wasn’t the boss!

So the Team made their way to the Karting Stadium, the excitement building and building. Ten minutes later we were kitted out in our racing suits, some of the team looking like Lewis Hamilton, some looking more like Christine Hamilton. A quick safety talk and we were ready to hit the tarmac for the practice laps.

Thomas and Guillaume’s competitive streak began to show almost instantly, the two of them passing the other five drivers in quick succession to take their place at the front of the pack. Everyone was soon getting to grips with their karts and just as they were getting into the groove our time was up. Everyone had faired well and couldn’t wait to get back out there for the qualifying session.

Guillaume now had the kart Thomas had in the practice session, would it help him get closer to his challenger? As soon as Thomas got onto the track he knew he’d be in trouble. His new kart, inherited from Steven’s practice session had next to no grip, he’d have to take it be careful but still post a competitive time. Starting behind the boss, Thomas had the perfect position to see him spin on the tricky hairpin on the first lap. The spin also left Rob and Julien with open road in front of them, posting fastest laps over a second quick than they had in practice.

Everyone was getting quicker lap by lap, most notably Steven improving greatly inspite of a deteriorating ankle injury that would eventually lead to him sitting out the big race. A mere ten minutes after the session had started and they were back in the pits. The times were impressive, 6 of the 7 drivers posting sub-31 second lap times. Thomas would be on pole, followed by the French contingent breathing down his neck in 2nd and 3rd places on the grid, with Rob and Matthew completing the line-up.

So the Final was now here, Thomas had re-gained his kart from the practice session, while Guillaume now inherited to rogue kart that Steven and Thomas had been blessed with in the earlier sessions. The kart proved to be the deciding factor, Guillaume once again spinning early on, and his challenge was over. The ever-improving Julien began to make in-roads into Thomas’ lead, but it proved not to be enough. Everyone had enjoyed a great evening of racing and couldn’t wait to get out there and do it again.

A short drive to a local restaurant for a celebratory meal for the now award-winning team was in order. Guillaume and Julien eating their own weight in meat, Thomas’ magical knife and Matt sipping his feminine drinks – it wasn’t a bad way to celebrate 2008.

And we’re all certain the next twelve months are going to be even better.

The Team’s Racing Times can be seen below:


Pos Cart No Driver Fastest Lap On Lap
1 6 Thomas 28.29 secs 14
2 7 Guillaume 30.06 secs 11
3 5 Rob 30.87 secs 13
4 4 Julien 31.61 secs 10
5 1 Matthew 32.26 secs 8
6 3 Steven 37.64 secs 8


Pos Cart No Driver Fastest Lap On Lap
1 6 Thomas 28.38 secs 20
2 7 Guillaume 29.24 secs 12
3 2 Julien 29.34 secs 19
4 5 Rob 29.67 secs 15
5 1 Matthew 30.92 secs 10
6 3 Steven 32.98 secs 4

The Final

Pos Cart No Driver Gap Down Fastest Lap On Lap
1 6 Thomas 27.46 secs 34
2 2 Julien 15.22 secs 15.22 secs 28.60 secs 23
3 5 Rob 27.80 secs 42.49 secs 28.64 secs 36
4 7 Guillaume 5.85 secs 1 Lap 28.91 secs 28
5 1 Matthew 35.88 secs 3 Laps 29.56 secs 21

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