Putt-ing the Boss in his place

On a bright and breezy Saturday morning on the outskirts of Chelmsford, a young Web Developer sat in the clubhouse of the local golf course. He was awaiting the arrival of his playing partner, someone he’d only played with once before, at a corporate Pitch and Putt event, and had narrowly lost after leading for the majority of the round. That time it was probably for the best though…seeing at though his playing partner was his boss.

A round on a full course was going to be a different kettle of fish though. Would his £7 Driver be able to cope? Would he crack under pressure, just like he did on the back nine of West Park Pitch and Putt? He’d only played once in the past year, and although he’d played well, if he had any chance of beating the guy who writes his paychecks he would have to hit the ground running.

After just one hole, he knew he was in for a rough day. After a promising tee-off and what can only be described as a “loosener” from the big man, it took the “newbie” another 4 shots to get to the green. Two putts later and he found himself a shot behind.

The second hole – a very short Par 3 was to be the beginning of the Boss’ undoing. Finding the bunker from his tee shot, it took a further 3 shots to get his ball free from its sandy grip. The newbie started to work a little magic, holeing out in 4 shots to put himself into a one-shot lead.

Five holes in and it was still close, both players’ inconsistency meaning that there was still only one shot in it. This was the point where newbie’s luck began to show through, completing the next four holes in a mere 18 shots. For the boss, all of the hard work that had be put in on the first 5 holes was about to be torn apart. Some poor shot selection and lady luck not shining when he needed her most meant that he had reached the turn 8 shots behind his companion. He wasn’t particularly poorly, but a passing onlooker could make the justified assumption that he was infact part camel, such was the amount of time he had spent in the sand so far. Maybe his luck was about to change? If he had lost eight shots in the first nine holes, he reasoned, was there any reason why he couldn’t gain them over the next nine?

One hole later and the contest was all-but over, surrendering another two shots immediately. Now all he had was pride to play for. Within two holes it looked to be game-on again. Losing sight of his first tee off shot on the eleventh, he proceeded to hit his second try out of bounds, he was already on his fifth shot by the time the boss was on his second. This was the boss’ chance. Could he take advantage and get himself back into this contest that looked dead and buried just twenty minutes earlier?

Sadly not, both players carding their worst hole of the day (Newbie’s 9 to the Boss’ 8). The pressure was now off, and the Boss began to perform the way he was expected to, even if his camel-like characteristics did rear their ugly head on every hole on the back nine.

All-in-all an experience to remember, although for some very different reasons. Now the newbie just one thing to wonder about, whether he’ll receive his P45 by hand or through the Post.

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