ISL Page RSS – WordPress Plugin

Download for free our Page RSS plugin directly from the WordPress extensions site.

This plugin will give your site the capability to include all static pages with the posts in your RSS feeds, meaning that your pages will get the same rapid exposure on search engines such as Google that the posts are.

Remember it’s completely free of charge and please leave comments, and if you like it why not leave a rating.

If there are any plugins you would love to see for your CMS, WordPress or e-commerce site then why not get in touch.

Alternatively you could just leave us suggestions for free plugins you would like to see, if we get enough requests we’ll might just make the time to create them.

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About Steven

I'm one of the web developers "I like Linux and play with cables"

I gained a degree in Physics from the University of Nottingham in 1994. Since then I've been a network analyst, programmed Windows based applications in DELPHI for financial institutions, developed and designed web applications in PHP and MySQL, and I'm also a strong advocate of open-source technology including the Linux based operating system Ubuntu, and web applications such as Joomla and Wordpress.

My tasks at Inmeres Solutions Ltd include the development of new web applications, development of components and plug-ins for existing open-source software, and maintenance of the internal networks.

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